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Gemma Lux

 Weekend of October 6th & 7th

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Signature "Spinning" Tricks: 
Twisties & Spreadies

Level: Intermediate

Saturday, October 6th
$65 per person

Learn Gemma Lux’s signature tricks and aerial combos that you will love adding to your repertoire! She loves splits so prepare for a fun filled class with lots of spreadie love! We will also spend time on stylization, or how to make a move your own, based off your strengths and character in order to make you stand out on stage or in your personal practice!

We consider Intermediate inverting without a kick, leg hangs inside and outside, butterfly, hip holds and basic climbing techniques, preferably on both sides but not necessary

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There's nowhere to go but UP! from here

Level: Beg/Int

Saturday, October 6th
$65 per person

Gemma will teach you her most favorite Spinning & Static pole entrances, Climbs & Aerial Combos. From there you will be taught aerial combos and work with her on how to blend into each movement seamlessly one step at a time. Gemma believes that the smallest tip can make all the difference and change your pole life for the better. You will start class with a fun warm up & some conditioning. After you warm up, you will continue to move your way on up the Pole!


Heels are welcome, but not necessary. 


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Flirtacious Flow & Floor 

Level: All Levels

Sunday, October 7th
$65 per person

Get down and flirty with this workshop! Expect body waves, hip work, booty ‘werk’, splits, grinding & more! If that doesn't sound enticing enough, you will also be working on connecting each step, spin and transition for seamless movement on and off the pole, leaving your audience wondering where you stopped and started.


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Showgirl Swag: 
Signature Pole Dance & Tricks

Level: Beg/Int

Sunday, October 7th

Gemma Lux, has quickly carved a niche for herself in the Burlesque scene as the resident Pole Dance Performer in the Tampa Bay Femmes and Follies troupe. Come soak up some of her "Showgirl Swag" via dazzling pole dance and trick combos, completed with class and ass!
In this workshop you will work on how to add sexy flair into your routine.

Gemma will teach you how to strut in your stilettos, hair choreography, bootylicious movements, heels slides, floorwork(including drop splits!), and of course crowd pleasing pole tricks that will leave your audience in awe and wanting more.

Gemma will teach you a short routine including the swag & tricks she teaches you at the beginning portion of this class.


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