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Sunday, July 21st

Rachele Ribera is also available for private lessons

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Sunday, July 21st
$80 per person

The heels foundations; redefining your heel's edge. 


find your wings. 

FLOATwork transp.png

Sunday, July 21st
$70 per person

The spin pole foundations; beginner, stylized, spin pole precision training! 

prehab shoulders. 
lifts into floats. 
move through ethereal traces. 
wrap softly into the rotation. 

appear to defy gravity. 

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Sunday, July 21st
$70 per person

Learn the secrets behind the buoyant & sinuous movement prevalent in the exotic styles in rotations that lean, and stylized spins. 

Explore the ebb and flow of grounded, swim-life motion arounds the static pole, and into the floor. 

flourish and flow. 


About Rachele Ribera

Noted by United Pole Artists for her "ethereally beautiful pirouettes, glides, twirls," and "unbeatable footwork", in the 2015 article, Fundamentals for Fluidity, Rachele has spent a large part of her time in pole refining and cultivating the art of dancing in heels. She views the heel as an extension of the leg, that can elongate lines, and aid in creating intricate tracing patterns and illusions. Mentioned again by United Pole Artists in the 2015 article, The Anatomy of A Platform Heel, as one of their "favorite heeled dancers" with the "ability to make heel movement something ethereal".

For more information on Rachele, please click here.


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