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Don Curry is coming to town for two days only!
Saturday, March 23rd & Sunday, March 24th.

Slots are SOLD OUT!
In order to be added to the waitlist please contact don@donqphotography.com

1-Hour Private: $199 (10 Retouched Photos)
1-Hour Semi-Private: $179 each (7 Retouched Photos per person)


elevatED Level 1 Training 
June 21st-23rd

Ever thought about teaching pole or just want to take your training to the next level with a deeper understanding of body mechanics and movement exploration?  Then please join us for the upcoming ElevatED Pole 1 Teacher Training at Verticality Pole Fitness, June 21-23, 2019!   The Pole 1 certification is an amazing opportunity to receive hands on training from industry leaders on how to deliver a memorable classroom experience. You'll be learning how to break down movements, correct muscle engagement, safe spotting techniques and more! 

For more detailed information on the training, please visit us online at: ElevatED Pole 1 Teacher Training

To enroll in the training, sign up here: ElevatED Pole 1 Training - Verticality Pole Fitness

Please contact wendy@elevateducation.com if you have any questions or need any help in signing up!


Past Workshops

Claudia Renee   January 2019

Claudia Renee
January 2019

Gemma Lux   October 2018

Gemma Lux
October 2018

Amy Henderson   July 2018

Amy Henderson
July 2018

Jordan Kensley  May 2018

Jordan Kensley
May 2018

Nadia Shariff  November 2017

Nadia Shariff
November 2017

Blue Phoenix   August 2017

Blue Phoenix
August 2017

Natasha Wang  May 2017

Natasha Wang
May 2017

Allison Wardwell  September 2016

Allison Wardwell
September 2016