Upcoming Workshops


Claudia Renee

Saturday, January 5th


Methods of Illusion
$65 per person

This workshop teaches you how to fake it till you make it with your flexibility on the pole! All trick based. 

Requirement: Must have clean invert to attend 


Work The Base

$65 per person

This workshop has been taught in over 9 countries! 
Learn a full "base work" routine inspired by Russian, Stripper & traditional Classique techniques.

Required: Heels & knee pads 


Fierce As F*ck
All Levels

$65 per person

Want to command an audience with powerful moves, drop splits, hair tosses, heel clacks, and twerk technique? Let's get down and dirty together in this all low flow and "floor-work" shop! 

Don Curry.jpg

Don Curry is coming to town for two days only!
Saturday, March 23rd & Sunday, March 24th.

Slots are SOLD OUT!
In order to be added to the waitlist please contact don@donqphotography.com

1-Hour Private: $199 (10 Retouched Photos)
1-Hour Semi-Private: $179 each (7 Retouched Photos per person)


Past Workshops

  Gemma Lux   October 2018

Gemma Lux
October 2018

  Amy Henderson   July 2018

Amy Henderson
July 2018

  Jordan Kensley  May 2018

Jordan Kensley
May 2018

  Nadia Shariff  November 2017

Nadia Shariff
November 2017

  Blue Phoenix   August 2017

Blue Phoenix
August 2017

  Natasha Wang  May 2017

Natasha Wang
May 2017

  Allison Wardwell  September 2016

Allison Wardwell
September 2016