Highly trained instructors from diverse fitness backgrounds provide our students with high-quality instruction in Pole Fitness, Strength Training, Dance, Flexibility and Cardio fitness. 



XPERT Certified Instructor
ElevateED Certified instructor
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

In her former life, Lisa was a statistician for a Houston-based software company. In 2015, she left it all to pursue a career in performing, and instructing pole and aerial dance. Though her apparatus of choice is pole, she regularly performs on fabric, lyra, cube, and trapeze with The Moonlight Dolls burlesque troupe under the name Ariel Airheart. She is NASM and VauLt Certified and XPert and Elevated trained, and she instructs aerial dance at VauLt Houston and pole dance at Verticality Fitness. Finally, Lisa is a proud cat mommy to two adorable black and white cats, Sugarbutt and Stubby.



XPert Certified Instructor
ElevatED Certified Instructor

Patrick has been teaching for a few years, and has been a pole dancer for even longer. He enjoys every bit of it, and loves to share his knowledge, and skills. He is the 2014 champion for the Miss Texas Pole Star’s Professional Men’s Division. He is one half of the 2013 LONE STAR PARTNERS – Doubles Division Winners, alongside fellow instructor, Lisa Cannon. Currently Patrick performs both pole and burlesque.




XPERT Certified
ElevatEDCertified Instructor

Nicole is a perpetual student. She has experience in various activities such as Lyra, aerial fabric, yoga, belly dancing, flexibility, gymnastics, ballet, swimming and strength training. Nicole finds dancing to be an awesome way to have fun and get fit! She feels if you truly enjoy your workout, it becomes something  more and you really look forward to doing it.


Tiffany Alexandra

This native Houstonian has been instructing pole dance & fitness since 2013. By day, Tiffany is a high school educator and athletic sport coach specializing in track and field, and volleyball. With a gymnastics background and collegiate track and friend athlete, fitness has always claimed a major role in her life. While competing in several pole dance competitions, Tiffany is known for her explosive movement and sultry fierceness on stage. She is the 2015 Melee on the Bayou Incredible's Champ and 2017 USPDF Qualifier. In addition, she placed 2nd in the Level 3 Championship of the Southern Pole Championship (SPC) of PSO in 2014.

Tfany Alexandra will elicit your full potential so you can radiate your flair.



ElevatED Certified Instructor
Liquid Motion Certified Instructor
Liquid Motion 2.0 Certified Instructor

Erin has been training in dance since she was a child. Her love for dance followed her through her teenage years into her adult life, where she eventually found pole! Pole allowed her to channel her wild side in a healthy, and supportive environment. Eventually she realized she couldn’t live without pole, and that she wants to create the same environment she has had the pleasure of learning in, for others. While she’s drawn to exotic flow and floor work, she loves all aspects of pole.  In her other life, she is an art teacher and cat mom.




ElevatED Certified Instructor
NASM Personal Trainer

Denise loves the physical challenges and fun of pole dance and enjoys spending time at the studio with Verticality staff and students. Denise’s pole story started with buying a house with a pole already installed and of course, she had to learn to use it! Denise has been poling at Verticality since 2013. Denise teaches weekday morning pole fit and a lunch level one and three classes on Fridays and loves to share the fun workout pole provides.




ElevatED Certified Instructor

Kendall has been dancing ever since she could walk. She began a career in performing in 2011, leading her to having a growing interest in various dance styles and performance arts. Kendall dabbled in aerial arts for a few years before trying pole. Kendall began her pole journey at Verticality Pole Fitness, in late 2014. It was love at first class, she found pole dancing  not only fed her want to dance, but that she found pole challenging physically. Kendall cannot wait to share her love of dancing and pole with her students.



ElevatED Certified instructor
NASM Certified Group Fitness Instructor
S Factor Certified Instructor

From the moment Becky did her first pole trick she was hooked! She found her own pole dance journey to be life changing from seeing what her body is capable of, to seeing the confidence and love for herself as a woman! Becky has been teaching since 2007, and she absolutely loves teaching her students. She also loves seeing her students realize the strength and beauty in their own bodies. Teaching pole dance gives her much pleasure and loves being at part of the Verticality Team. It’s a place where we can embrace your authenticity and find that confident, fiercely beautiful women inside you. When she is not teaching, she is a stay at home mom to two boys. 



Mysti has been poling since 2010 and has been a pole fitness instructor since 2014. She loves the strength she’s gained, not only physically but emotionally, from practicing in pole arts. Her philosophy is, you only live once, so there’s no time for playing it safe or sitting on the sidelines. Mysti has gained a lot of perspective from reaching beyond her comfort levels and trying new things (like pole dancing!) and she hopes to inspire others to do the same. She believes there’s absolutely nothing sexier than having confidence and expressing it through one’s own authentic individuality, and this is what she looks forward to cultivating in every one of her students.


Amber Prowl

Amber Prowl is an Exotic Pole Dance Instructor & Performer with an unwavering love for platform heels, body rolls, and booty shakes. She is infatuated with the art of bringing challenging pole techniques to life through sensual movements, graceful transitions and drop splits because... balance. She hopes to inspire her students to fall in love with their freestyle and to simply let go.