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Memberships & Pricing

Base Level Memberships
Base level memberships include two 60 Min. classes or LABS per week (8 sessions per month) and 10% discount on merchandise

2 Month Membership
$130/month and a one time $75 enrollment fee
4 Month Membership
$120/month and a one time $75 enrollment fee
6 Month Membership
$110/month and a one time $75 enrollment fee

Standard Level Memberships
Standard Memberships include unlimited 60 Min. classes, LABs, & Open Pole 10% discount on merchandise

3 Month Membership
$195/month and a one time $50 enrollment fee

6 Month Membership
$175/month and a one time $50 enrollment fee

12 Month Membership
$160/month and a one time $50 enrollment fee

Gold Level Memberships
Gold memberships include unlimited classes, LABs, & Open Pole.
15% off merchandise, 10% off visiting instructor workshops,
50% off Studio Rentals, Free VPF workshops, & 1 VPF shirt

6 Month Gold Membership
$215/month and a one time $50 enrollment fee

The 6 Month Deluxe Membership includes one Private Lesson every two months (may only roll over for two months).

12 Month Gold Membership
$250/month and a one time $50 enrollment fee

The 12 Month Deluxe Membership includes one Studio Rental per month, and one Private Lesson per month (may only roll over for one month), and a second Verticality shirt after six months.

Deluxe Gold Membership

Deluxe Gold Membership includes unlimited classes, LABs, & Open Poles! One Private Lesson per month (may only roll over for one month), one Studio Rental per month (may only roll over for one month), 15% off merchandise, 15% off visiting instructor workshops. 50% off Studio Rentals, 1 Verticality shirt per 6 months and one Pole Package* at time of enrollment!

12 Month Membership
One time fee of $2,500 with no enrollment fee


At Verticality, we realize that one size does not fit everyone. So if you’re looking for an occasional class to kick up your fitness routine, or your new home away from home, Verticality has you covered.


Drop-in Classes
(60 Minute)

$30  — (1) 60 Min. Class
$125 — 5 Class Package
$225 —10 Class Package
$300 —15 Class Package
$360 — 20 Class Package

All class packages have an expiration date, and activate upon first use. If packages or sessions are left unused they expire 365 days from purchase. The 5 Class Pack expires 60 days from first use, 10 Class Pack expires 90 days from first use, 15 Class Pack expires 120 days from first use and the 20 Class Pack expires 180 days from first use.

Drop-in Pole Labs
(90 Minute)

$40 — (1) 90 Min. Pole Lab
$175 — 5 Pole Labs
$325 — 10 Pole Labs

All LAB packages have an expiration date, and activate upon first use. If packages or sessions are left unused they expire 365 days from purchase. The 5 Pole Lab pack expires 45 days from first use, and 10 Pole Lab pack expires 90 days from first use.

 Open Pole

$15 — (1) Open Pole 60 Min. Session
$20 — (1) Open Pole 90 Min. Session

Open Poles are on our schedule each month! Open Pole is a free studio time where you may work on things at your own pace. There is no warm up, nor formal instruction. However there is always an instructor on site to answer questions, and spot if needed!


Studio Rental (Max. of 2 people) 

$35 per hour during studio hours
$50 per hour outside of studio hours

Private Lessons

60 Minute Private Lesson  – $75
90 Minute Private Lesson – $110
2 Hour Private – $150
60 Minute Private Lesson 10 Session Package – $675

Contact us for additional pricing for semi-privates, and packages for 90 Minute & 2 Hour Private lesson packages

Competition Packages

An Instructor of your choosing with teach you a choreographed routine! If this is used in a competition, credit should be given to the instructor that choreographed your piece. 

Choreography Only (1 Session) - $325* 
Competition Package (6 Sessions) $650
Ultimate Competition Package (10 Sessions) - $875

*A private lesson may be required with the instructor before your Choreography lesson

Choreography Packages

Our choreography packages are for those who want to learn a routine for a showcase, performance, or just for fun. These are for personal use only and may not be used to compete. 

Choreography Only (1 Session) - $225
Choreography Package (3 Sessions) - $350
Choreography Package (6 Sessions) $565

Private Parties


Parties for all occasions

Bachelorette parties

Girls night out

birthday party

new job




Celebrate in Style

Verticality's certified instructors will show you and your gang around the pole - no matter what your skill level. You'll get your sexy on and have a night to remember. Whether it's your best friends' birthday or you recently kicked your partner to the curb, Verticality is the perfect venue for your next party.

What's Included

Siren Party - $350

90 minutes

Second dance style 

Includes up to 10 guests

Flirt Party - $160

60 minutes

Includes up to 5 guests


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have never taken a pole dance class before.  
    Will I be able to keep up with the class?

    Yes! Verticality’s Pole Dance - Level 1 was designed with beginners in mind!
    Our Pole Dance - Level 1 was created so that any student regardless of fitness or dance experience, can attend! We have a variety of options after Level 1 to help you progress, strength train, and achieve your goals!

  2. What should I wear to class?
    Pole Dance Level 1: For your first pole class we suggest you wear comfortable workout wear, shorts are suggested but leggings can be worn in Level 1!
    Level 1 is taught barefoot!

    Pole Dance Levels 2 & above: If you’re attending a Level 2 class or above, we suggest wearing pole shorts with your athletic wear! Heels are introduced partway through Level 2, so you may bring your pole heels with you to any Level 2 or above class! We suggest always bringing your knee pads to class!

    Pole Fit & Pole Cardio: If you’re attending a Pole Fit class we suggest wearing standard athletic wear! Shorts or leggings are acceptable for Pole Fit!

    Pole Flex: If you’re attending a Pole Flex class we suggest wearing leggings, and always bring your hoodies and leg warmers! The warmer you keep your body while stretching the better! We suggest always bringing your knee pads to class!

    Floorwork & Liquid Motion®: If you’re attending a floorwork or Liquid Motion® class we suggest wearing leggings, or leg warmers. In addition we suggest wearing or bringing a full coverage shirt, or hoodie! This is to allow your body to glide on the floor with ease. Knee pads are required in all floor based classes.

    Chair Classes: If you’re attending a chair class we suggest wearing leggings or leg warmers, though shorts are fine! We suggest always bringing your knee pads, and heels are always welcome in chair class!

    Exotic & Sensual Movement Classes: If you’re attending an Exotic or Sensual Movement based class we encourage you to dress up in whatever way makes you feel confident and sexy! We do ask if your outfit is a on the scandalous side that you wear a pole set underneath to ensure you’re covered! Heels are welcome in all exotic based classes!

  3. Is there anything I specific I should bring to class?
    We suggest always bringing a water bottle, and a pair of knee pads for all classes! We provide yoga mats, yoga blocks, towels, pole cleaner, foam rollers, TheraBand’s, and have a water station!

  4. Are men allowed to take classes?
    Yes! All of our classes are co-ed!

  5. I have previous pole dance experience, do I have to start at Level 1?
    If you have previous pole experience please e-mail us at and let us know what you’re currently working on! Please include skills you feel comfortable executing (climbing, inverting, etc.) so that we can help place you in the correct level!

  6. When should I move from Level to Level in Pole Dance Classes?
    If you’re curious about how to advance to the next level, ask your instructor! They will be able to let you know if you’re okay to go to the next level, or what you need to work on to advance! If you’re curious about what moves you need to execute with ease to advance, you can view the information under each levels description under the “Classes” tab.
    Please talk to your instructor before taking a class at a higher level!

  7. Is there a minimum age to take classes?
    All students must be 18 years or older, with valid I.D.
    There are no exceptions for minors.

  8. Is there a weight limit for pole dance classes?
    Our studio has Pole Danzer 45mm and 50mm stainless steel poles.  
    The poles are reinforced (they have a pole within the pole) and are rated to hold up to 375 pounds!

  9. Do you offer private instruction?
    We do offer private lessons! Private lessons are $75 an hour.
    If you’re interested in a private lesson that is longer than an hour, or for a semi-private please contact us at

  10. Do you sell dance poles?
    Yes, we are an authorized distributor for X-Pole.  You can buy the entire X-Pole offering from us.  Pick up at the studio, or get it shipped right to your door!

  11. Can I rent a pole? 
    We do not offer pole rentals, but we do offer studio rentals and Open Pole so that you can practice what you’ve learned in classes, on your own!

  12. I noticed you have several pricing options.  
    What are the benefits to becoming a member?

    Members receive discounts on merchandise, and services. As well as priority access to events and workshops. If you’re interested in becoming a member, or have questions about our membership options e-mail us at


“Pole fitness is not just a workout. I feel empowered with love and support from my fellow ladies.”

— Mayura Vora, Principal